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I learned a lot in my meetings with Sebastian. He looked at my situation holistically and was quick to give me new viewpoints or information to help me dive deeper into them.

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Step up your career game plan, prep up interviews, job search & promotion. Your mentor will listen to you, give solutions drawn from their experience and take you where you want to be.
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Beyond my expectations

Between now and 6 months ago, I feel like I improved as an engineer. Looking back, I took a huge step, beyond my expectations.
Clara Chaouat
Software Engineer

Game changing career advice

In our very first call Nima immediately spotted on one thing that might have been a good reason for job rejections.

I just got a job offer exactly where I wanted despite the current job market situation. I can honestly say that this wouldn't have happened without this mentorship.

Andre Maldonado
Senior Software Engineer

Immediate value

Snizhana is a fantastic mentor! She's very knowledgeable in the area of investment, and VC and she's very quick to respond.

Next to being super professional, she's a very genuine and sweet person. Anyone having a session with her will immediately see the value she brings to the table.

Denise Edwards
Founder & CEO @

The results were instantaneous

Alex is a fantastic mentor and I definitely recommend him to any Product manager or aspiring PMs. Alex worked with me on my resume since I wasn't getting any callbacks.

The results were almost instantaneous as I got my 1st callback from a recruiter after only 2 hours of applying with the resume he helped me with.

Amer Arab
Product Manager

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