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"In just a few weeks, I feel a LOT more confident navigating the React world. Chris has been an excellent mentor."

Tom Ray
- Tom Ray

“My main goal was to get the guidance and learn from another experienced specialist. I’m keen to grow as fast as I can in my career and it’s great to have such platform like MentorCruise to help you.”

"I reached my goal very quickly – a lot quicker than I had expected. I owe a tremendous amount of credit to Jordi for challenging me, providing support, his positivity and accessibility."

“My mentor was the game-changer for me. When I started, I was like a fish out of water. It’s very difficult and inefficient to try and reinvent the wheel all by yourself.”

“Between now and 6 months ago, I feel like I improved as an engineer. Looking back, I took a huge step, beyond my expectations”

“MentorCruise changed my life. Having a mentor at my disposal for the fraction of the cost of a bootcamp during a global pandemic was a game changer.“

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Mentees reach their goals on average in about 3 months. Their comments speak for themselves.

"Awesome mentor, just not the right timing for me."

- Carlos about Naz Delam

"Ken is a great mentor. Very responsive, helpful, knowledgeable and encouraging. Strongly recommended"

- Nikos about Kenneth Choi

"Abhishek is an incredible mentor! He's a great communicator and has the front-end engineering skills/experience needed if you're looking to learn front-end or to complete any project. We worked together through live coding sessions and system design. I'd definitely recommend him!"

- Jamesin about Abhishek Jakhar

"John supported me a lot during my hardest time, providing multiple learning resources and feedback. He is totally a nice mentor, encouraging me a lot!"

- Zoe about John S.

"I got lucky with John.. he is an amazingly composed mentor with a clarity of what to do and how to do. I also appreciated the great flexibility he showed due to changing dynamics of my situation. You would be in good hands with John"

- Ratnakar about John Wang

"I have had two sessions with Trae so far, and I have to say that his empathetic approach towards getting me closer to my north star has been amazing! He has a unique way of making you question where you are in life and where you want be. This has not provided me clarity in my personal and professional endeavors, but has also provided me insight into what I actually value. I'm very excited to continue moving forward with my work with Trae. Without a doubt, I would recommend his mentor services to anyone seeking greatness in their personal and professionally life. Thanks for all the support so far!"

- Aaron about Trae Watson

"Daniel is knowledgable and great to work with - would recommend"

- Jacob about Daniel Johnson

"I highly recommend Chris!"

- Sophie about Chris Ellinas

"Happy to recommend Malvik as a tutor. Has lots of experience within the Azure Cloud platform and very keen to help students understand and practice Azure services. He provides clear explanations and answers each and every questions with an example. Also, a great tutor in helping students get organized and help them out for future interviews and projects. Malvik has great availability and always on time with the session. "

- Johnny about Malvik Vaghadia

"Amazing mentor. Thank you, Alex!"

- Gilad about Alex Mitchell

"Ended the mentorship without even an explanation. Maybe not suited for me"

- Arnaud about Sumit Kapoor

"herbert is a great mentor i am soo grateful he is my mentor "

- Connie about Herbert Lee

"As a developer trying to progress his career, Dan is a perfect mentor for me because he can both: - analyze my work from a technical standpoint, quickly spot weaknesses, and develop plans to improve my skills in such areas - give unique insights into the international job market and how to approach it, which is quite a pain point for a developer who always worked locally for small-mid size companies I'm very happy with my mentoring experience with Dan and can't help but recommend it!"

- Mykhaylo about Dan Page

"He was genuine mentor for me. He had so many materials to reach your goal. If you feel confused about your career, please reach out him and ask anything that you want to know."

- IN-A about Alex Andronic

"Moon was a game-changer for me during my job hunt. Super resourceful and builds strong and meaningful connections with her mentees. She's like having a mentor and cheerleader rolled into one awesome package!"

- Luiza about Moon Ma

"Very good mentor! She is kind and knows a lot."

- Jun about Xx Xx

"Gueayea has been so on top of things. Sharing detailed and clear notes on areas to improve, follow-up on post-session questions, and adjusting meetings to where I need help the most. A great mentor that I would recommend to anyone."

- Edwin about Gueayea Lian

"Jeetendra is a great mentor! I recommend him everyone who wants improve the skills🚀"

- Tomasz about Jeetendra Jana

"I reached out to David to explore how I'm thinking about development & personal growth. He was wonderful, thoughtful, incredibly inquisitive, and overall extremely helpful. He takes a very socratic approach, asking just the right questions to better unpack & understand how you're thinking. I highly recommend him as a mentor."

- A about David Pearson

"Yanyi is great , very attention to detail, helpful! Strongly recommend! "

- Alex about Yanyi Li

"Amin was great, life just got in the way for both of us. "

- Corey about Amin Ghaderi

"James has been an amazing mentor. He really helped me fill in the blanks from what I wasn't learning from my bootcamp. I'be been able to focus on unit testing, continuing to become proficient in my coding skills, and even planning things out for projects, studying, etc.. He is highly recommended. You get out of it what you put into it! "

- Chris about James Booth

"Geronimo was a fantastic mentor! Coming out of UX Design bootcamp, I had some direction, but not too much direction. I was able to get a solid plan from Geronimo for what's to come up next, things to do, things to improve on, critiques, etc. He's was not only a great mentor, but a great coach. I'd highly recommend him to anyone who's looking for clear and concise guidance. Every week with him was just stacking up confidence little by little!"

- Frank about Geronimo Ramos

"Aneta would be an awesome mentor for anyone. She provides tasks, is curious to know your personal circumstances and is always striving to push you further. Awesome mentor all round. "

- Preslav about Aneta Gieschen

"Trae was my mentor for about a month and he was essential in lifting my spirits after being laid off from my tech job. I was a bit directionless when I started my mentorship with him and he helped me clarify what I wanted to do with my career going forward. He also made quite a few suggestions for my resume. I learned a lot about entrepreneurship and how to think critically about any opportunities that pop up in my job search. I highly recommend you partner with Trae to assist with your job search or career transition! 👌"

- Soribel about Trae Watson

"Eric is an outstanding mentor whose valuable experience and clear guidance effectively navigate through uncertainty, ensuring continued progress."

- Ali about Eric Jude

"Davide is a great mentor!!!!"

- Martina about Davide Pollicino

"Semir has been very generous with his assistance and has shared not only best practices but also shared practical examples from his work experiences to bring theory into practice. "

- Tom about Semir Jahic

"Miles is a great guy however he was never able to do anything for me personally when it came to a resume review, interview prep, portfolio creation, any industry insight, and etc. I am very disappointed due to the fact that I got no tangible results after 1 month but at the very least he is a nice guy. If you already know your weaknesses and have a plan for him, he may be able to help you. Otherwise you are on your own due to him not having any kind of plan of syllabus to help his mentees which from my perspective, kind of defeats the purpose seeing how I'm looking for someone to help guide me and fix my issues, not maybe point out one or two issues with no details and no solution."

- Josh about Miles Hunter

"Rahin's mentorship has been a positive influence on my journey in front-end development. His practical insights improved my understanding of the field, leading to a noticeable enhancement in my work quality."

- Philippe about Rahin Jegarajaratnam

"He is a great mentor"

- yazid about Aaron Crow

"I like how direct and kind Akram is. Akram is helping me explore my interests within DevOps, guiding me in the right direction, and helping me be accountable to dedicate time to improve."

- Michel about Akram Riahi

"Nuno's a fantastic mentor. I've been asked questions that have prompted me to think deeply about my long term goals, as well as questions that have greatly simplified problems to their core essence. A great blend of strategic/tactical advice. He also brings an upbeat energy to the sessions, and the value of that cannot be understated. It feels very comfortable talking with Nuno. Highly recommend!"

- Ed about Nuno Coração

"Muhib has been a very helpful mentor and a big encouragement and resource in the job search process. He is able to provide both technical insights and job hunting support."

- Ian about Ahmed Sadman Muhib

"It was a pleasure to learn from and with Abhishek. He is an amazing mentor. He will help you to become better and better. I highly recommend his service and mentorship. You are working with Messi for Frontend-Programming. Try him and give yourself a chance and an edge to build incredible stuff. Your are in good hands here!"

- Hakan about Abhishek Jakhar

"Nick is a great mentor. Not only he is knowledgeable/insightful in the field of UX/UI design, but he is also dedicated to teaching/guiding his mentee through every step of the process. I cannot recommend him more and will continue working with him throughout my journey to becoming a UX designer. "

- Sara about Nicholas Busman

"Sandrina is an excellent mentor. She helped me through a tough time. I learned a lot about accessibility and good front-end practices in general. She has interesting projects and ideas and is all around just a great person. We had great fun together and the only reason I'm leaving is because I have a son to take care of. If I ever come back to the platform, I'll absolutely not hesitate to try Sandrina again! Voa, Sandrina!"

- Daniel about Sandrina Pereira

"Muhib is a great mentor! He has done a great job at meeting me where I'm at, and teaching me what I need to learn through custom-made practices and lessons!"

- Luke about Ahmed Sadman Muhib

" Denys is a very experienced Software Engineer and an amazing mentor. He always supports, guides me and helps me to achieve every goal I set. He is organized, responds very quickly. He gives really useful feedbacks to my work. It is always in 1 or max 2 days. Besides Denys is very kind and positive person :) I enjoy mentorship with Denys a lot and definitely recommend him as a mentor! "

- Natalia about Denys Hriaznov

"David has been a great mentor for me in the last month helping me build my skills to prepare for the next role I'm pursuing in my career. He's been helping me choose the best certifications to make myself more attractive as a job candidate. I highly recommend David as a mentor for anyone who works in the data engineering space!"

- Brad about David Lara Arango Ph.D

"Anna is a great mentor! She helps to build your confidence. She enables you to understand your strengths and trust your capability. She is always supportive and encourages you to think about different ways to resolve an issue. I would highly recommend her!! "

- Raj about Anna Peterson

"Tanner is a wonderful mentor who will guide and motivate you to become a better engineer. Very easy-going and easy to relate to. "

- Shaan about Tanner Barlow

"Sumit was fantastic. He communicated well, was thorough on all calls, and even downloaded my codebase to help me more in-depth. Something that was outside of the mentorship agreement. Sumit knows his stuff!"

- Luke about Sumit Kapoor

"Rodrigo is really great at asking the right questions to set me on the right track."

- Darren about Rodrigo Aronas

"I call him Thorough John! John helped point in the right direction and suggested a few top-tire courses/books as well as exercises he created himself. He's incredibly organized and offered documents full of resources he collected on his own. I feel much more focused and confident after only a few meetings with Thorough John."

- CATHERINE about John S.

"I’ve recently been receiving mentorship from Dylan focusing on front-end development, and I am beyond impressed with my experience. Dylan is an outstanding mentor who truly goes above and beyond to ensure his mentees' success. His deep knowledge, professionalism, and passion for teaching make him the ideal mentor for anyone looking to excel in front-end development. Throughout our sessions, Dylan consistently demonstrated an exceptional ability to explain complex concepts in a simple, yet engaging manner. He customized the learning experience to match my specific goals, and adapted his approach as needed to ensure my continued progress. His lessons were always well-organized and full of valuable insights, empowering me to tackle real-world projects with confidence. Dylan's dedication to my growth and development was evident in the level of support he provided outside of our scheduled sessions. He was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had, and he would frequently check in to see how I was progressing. His constructive feedback on my work helped me to refine my skills and pushed me to become a better developer. One of the aspects I appreciated the most was Dylan's emphasis on fostering a growth mindset. He encouraged me to take on challenges and learn from my mistakes, instilling in me the resilience and adaptability necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving world of front-end development. Thanks to Dylan's mentorship, I have become a more confident and competent developer, ready to tackle any project. I wholeheartedly recommend Dylan as a mentor for front-end development. His expertise, patience, and commitment to the success of his mentees make him a truly exceptional mentor. If you are looking to accelerate your growth in front-end development, look no further than Dylan. "

- Cody about Dylan Israel

"Brilliant mentor. Fun and knowledgable to learn with. "

- Pulkit about Mustafa Khaled

"Prateek is the teacher/wizard I was looking for. He has deep understanding of native development and has helped me get past some really big hurdles. He typically provides detailed explanations to the bugs I've encountered in my personal project. I consider him well rounded and great to pick his brain. He does not respond as quickly on mentorcruise messaging sometimes. However, he has been incredibly generous with his time in the schedule meetings which is far more valuable! He is a man of character and his knowledge is the real deal"

- Ray about Prateek Prasad

"Malvik is great; he's communication skills are top-notch, not only when responding via chat but verbally, too he really takes his time to talk and is easy to understand. My favourite about him is his honesty and objectivity. He will tell you where his experience lies, and won't be afraid to tell you if he isn't quite as well-versed in something. Nonetheless, he will provide advice according to your circumstances and now allow his bias to dictate what is best."

- Alieu about Malvik Vaghadia

"Didn't get any service when needed the most"

- Saradha about Yash Khandor

"Jess is very kind and resourceful. I enjoyed our conversations, and look forward to speaking with her again."

- Maggie about Jess Phoa

"Dave is really kind, approachable, and inspiring. He has extensive experience and is able to weigh in on a wide array of issues that impact managers."

- Ben about David Pearson

"John is such a supportive and helpful mentor who not only provides sharp insights but also knows how and where to keep you focused in achieving your goals."

- Esther about John S.

"Tiziana is an excellent listener with the rare ability to find the right question to tease out what is really relevant from all the distractions. Her holistic approach balances the professional, emotional, and spiritual. Keeps me making progress on the themes that I am truly after."

- Mark about Tiziana Floruss

"Felix has been a great mentor so far. He has been so helpful in showing me what I need to learn and even sends resources for the topics. It has saved a lot of time, as I no longer have to worry what I need to be doing. He helps with real-world projects for me to work on and offers support throughout them. Looking forward to continuing to work with Felix, highly recommend."

- Elliot about Felix Kleine Bösing

"Felix is a great mentor, with lots of knowledge and willingness to help with what he knows best! Totally recommended."

- Alejo about Felix Gerlach

"He is a really good mentor. I enjoy learning with him."

- Max about Yashish Dua

"Alex is the best and most knowledgeable developer I know, and I've worked at multiple tech agencies. So that's saying something!"

- Rory about Alex Rohleder

"Nick provides useful feedbacks about my design career and mindset growth. I really thank you for the suggestions about my resume and portfolio in order to improve better user experience."

- Ting-Chieh about Nick Hoh

"Federico is a great mentor. I can honestly say that everything he told me was gold. Always relevant and well thought of feedback and advice. He was always super responsive, patient and engaged throughout our sessions and able to offer practical suggestions that I could implement in my day-to-day. 10/10. Go for it !"

- Nick about Federico Maffini

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