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We shouldn't have to figure everything out on our own. In an age where it's easier than ever to connect, let's start trusting on other people's experience.

Mentorship is underrated. While the majority of leaders, CEOs and professionals think mentoring is crucial to success, only an estimated 37% of mentoring believers are currently working with a mentor.

Why is that? Good mentors are hard to find, getting them to commit is even harder. Mentorships are often handwavy, HR-matched or forced, making them less effective.

Mentorship is a superpower

Leaders, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies make it a priority to acquire mentors and build effective mentoring programs.

At MentorCruise we ask: How can we make access to mentoring easier, fairer and more effective? These questions guide as we build out the MentorCruise network and platform.

Today, MentorCruise is a network of over 2,500 mentors from all over the world. We are building a platform that makes it easier for you to find a mentor that fits your needs and personality.

Built by a tiny team that cares a lot

MentorCruise is independent and built by a small team, located on different continents across the world.

"I know the feeling of being left alone on a difficult journey and how much a mentor can help. 'Mentorship isn't formal, it evolves naturally' - is a common thing you might hear. However, if you are in need for help, this comment is incredibly discouraging. It's an honor for me to help everyone with this." - Dominic Monn, Founder

MentorCruise isn't built by a big corporation. It was initially built by a single person, on weekends and evenings. Nowadays, we consider MentorCruise to be powered by our over 1,000 mentors worldwide, but we stay a small core team, bootstrapped from the ground up.

"My original plan was to enroll in a coding bootcamp, before I found out about MentorCruise. Paying $15,000 no longer seemed reasonable. The idea of an 1-on-1 mentorship for a fraction of the cost of a coding bootcamp appealed to me instantly." - Daniel Carlman, Developer

We are strong believers in peer-to-peer education and that it should be more accessible. Since 2018 - our first year - we were able to help over 10,000 people find a mentor. We hope that we can do even more in the future!