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MentorCruise is a leading provider of career mentors and coaches. Become a partner and help professionals in your audience around the world to gain access to this valuable resource.

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MentorCruise has made mentorship accessible at scale with satisfaction rates that are unmatched. On average, mentees stay working actively with their mentors for over three months.

By joining our partners program you can help professionals achieve their dream careers and get rewarded for it.

* 50% of our take rate, usually around 10% of total transaction

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Partners come in all shapes and forms but they share one thing in common: the desire to help others.

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    Content Creator

    You've built an audience of professionals online that seeks to better themselves and grow in their careers or business endeavours. Working with a mentorship program creates value for you and them.

  • Influencers

    Community Leader

    You are looking for ways to create more value for your professional community. Working with MentorCruise means your community can be mentored by their own.

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    Pro Marketer

    Growth flows through your veins, you have ideas to bring things to market but not the technical skills to bring them to live. Not a problem! We're happy to share our MRR with you!

An insight into the Partner program

Co-marketing assets

Get access to our internal pool of marketing materials, content feeds and testimonials. Get the best info to your audience!


Receive 50%* every month for each mentee you refer, forever.


Climb up the partner leaderboard, claim rewards like cash bonuses, swag packages, and discounts!

Expert mentors from the best companies in the world.

The MentorCruise network allows mentees to get mentored by seasoned veterans from companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Netflix without breaking the bank!


Mentoring is a win-win

Mentoring is a two-way street, both parties learn at the same time. I'm glad I found MentorCruise while searching for a platform where I could guide people on their data science journey.

Still not convinced?

Let's get the last worries out of the way in FAQ section! We want to make sure you're comfortable before you decide to be part of our community!

How do the commissions work?
When a mentee signs up and pays for a mentorship costing over $50 per month (almost everyone), we will automatically send you a commission of 50%* of the fee every month through the affiliate platform.
Why is MentorCruise a good partner for me?
MentorCruise offers exclusive and unique access to talented mentors, all around the world and in each of the biggest companies of the world. Over half of mentees reach their goals way faster than they had expected.
Can I also refer mentors?
The partner program is limited to mentee referrals. Get in touch if you feel like a partnership based around mentors would make more sense for you.
What are conversion rates like? What about the trial period?
MentorCruise has above-average conversion rates from first visit to engagement. We convert upwards of 75% of mentees from trial to paid customer.
What's the average order size of mentees?
Mentees will usually pay between $160 and $220 per month for their mentors. That's multiple levels cheaper than traditional coaching, bootcamps or other forms of private education.
* 50% of our take rate, usually around 10% of total transaction

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